Our Values

Our values play a fundamental role in guiding our operations, decisions, strategies, and investments and are a major factor behind our success. Not only do our core values help us maintain our position as a leading holding company with a solid market performance and a competitive standing in our field, they also enable us to maintain strong and healthy partnerships with our shareholders, partners, and stakeholders.


We believe that the journey is as important as the destination, and as such we hold up integrity, transparency and honesty as fundamental guiding principles against which we measure all that we do.


We are passionate about building great companies and strong businesses that challenge business conventions, introduce new models of innovation, and create lasting value for our shareholders, our economy, and our stakeholders.


We recognize that our cadre of highly qualified professionals is the backbone of our success and a foundation upon which we build future successes, hence we actively invest in developing and supporting our exceptional human resources.


We are committed to identifying, seizing and capitalizing on choice investment opportunities that help us profitably grow our portfolio and expand our value proposition while contributing to economic development throughout the Kingdom.