Irbid District Electricity Distribution Company (IDECO)


Established in 1957 by the government of Jordan and the National Electric Power company (NEPCO), Irbid District Distribution Company (previously known as Private Irbid District Electricity Company) obtained the right to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity officially under concession law in 1961.

IDECO was renamed in 1967 after new administrative divisions occurring in the kingdom. Since then, IDECO has been the exclusive distributor for electricity in the North of the Jordan, covering a concession area of 23,000 km² in Irbid, Jerash, Ajloun, Mafraq, and parts of Balqa.

As part of the government’s privatisation strategy and after an extremely competitive tendering process in 2008, KEC managed to acquire 55.4% of the government’s stake in IDECO. Under KEC’s guidance, Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO) took over the ownership of these shares in 2009.

Providing electricity to 25.6% of the country’s geographical area, IDECO is considered a key contributor to Jordan’s power grid. And with the exponentially increasing electricity demand in the North of Jordan because of the Syrian crisis and the establishment of major refugee camps, IDECO has proved to be a reliable utility.

KEC ensures the same level of high standards applied in EDCO are passed on to IDECO through its ownership of EDCO. Along with conventional electricity distribution, IDECO enables distributed electricity generation through renewable energy systems. It pays strong attention to building the capacity of its cadre and similarly, invests in the improvement of the livelihood of surrounding communities through Corporate Social Responsibility budgets allocated by KEC. 

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