Power Distribution

Kingdom for Energy Investments Company (KEC) owns major shares in two power distribution companies in Jordan. Through its investments, KEC plays a major role in influencing the management of these utilities to hold their services up to international standards in order to provide customers with reliable and affordable electricity and to ensure financial returns for its shareholders. In addition to improving the operations and services of these two utilities, KEC instils growth plans in their strategies to improve the grid’s infrastructure and to meet the growing demand for electricity in the kingdom.


Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO)

KEC acquired 100% of EDCO’s shares in 2008 after a long process of bids and negotiations with the government of Jordan as part of the government’s strategy to privatise electricity distribution. EDCO covers a concession area which amounts to 55% of the kingdom’s geographical area.


Irbid District Electricity Distribution Company (IDECO)

Under KEC’s guidance, Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO) took over the ownership KEC's 55.4% shares in IDECO in 2009. Being the sole electricity distributor in the North of Jordan, IDECO covers a concession area of 25.6% of the country’s geographical area.

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