Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO)


Founded in 1997, Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO) was registered as a public shareholding utility in accordance with the Jordanian Companies Law (22), under registration number (335). It was initially owned by the government of Jordan for the purpose of installing and operating electricity distribution systems in the South and East of Jordan.

KEC acquired 100% of EDCO’s shares in 2008 after a long process of bids and negotiations with the government of Jordan. The tendering process was led by the Electricity Regulatory Commission, currently known as Energy and Mineral Regulatory Commission (EMRC) as part of the government’s strategy to privatise electricity distribution in Jordan. In 2009, EDCO took over 55.4% of Irbid District Electricity Company (IDECO), previously owned by KEC.

EDCO covers a concession area which amounts to 55% of the kingdom’s geographical area, distributing electricity to Al Karak, Al Tafilah, Ma’an, Al Aqaba governorates in the Southern province of Jordan. In addition to the Jordan Valley and the Eastern region of Jordan extending to the Iraqi borders.

A governance model was put in place allowing KEC to oversee EDCO’s operations and provide guidance on a wide range of activities from electricity distribution to grid expansion and maintenance with leaving the implementation to EDCO’s executive management.

KEC has been serving as a strategic guide for EDCO to continuously improve its services and increase the distribution efficiency in order to maximise revenues and minimise losses. Subsequently, EDCO’s market shares and distribution capacity have been growing steadily and organically since the company’s inception.

In addition to augmenting the distribution grid, EDCO cultivates its human resources and builds their capacity to cater to emerging business models, such as renewable energy systems installations and connections to the grid.

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