KEC Signs MOU with Tkiyet Um Ali to Eradicate Hunger in Jordan

Kingdom for Energy Investments signed a memorandum of Understanding with Tkiyet Um Ali, the Arab World’s first organisation geared towards eradicating hunger. KEC has committed to supply 24 families with food packages on monthly basis for twelve months.

Tkiyet Um Ali distributed food parcels to endorsed families living below the food poverty line all over Jordan. These food parcels fulfil the nutritional need for families throughout the month. They contain 22 food items such as rice, sugar, tuna, and milk, sufficient to cook three meals a day for a month.

The sustainability of food support provided by Tkiyet Um Ali depends on charitable contributions. Aligned with Goal 2 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to End Hunger, KEC has been supporting Tkiyet Um Ali for almost eight years now as part of its corporate social responsibility through donations or urging its employees to volunteer to serve meals to the unprivileged or to package parcels.

In addition to the monthly food parcels, Tkiyet Um Ali has different programs to reach more unprivileged Jordanians such as Zakat, Sadaqa, Udhiyah and Dhabihah. KEC plays a humble role in Tkiyet Um Ali’s achievements as the number of beneficiary families reached 30,000 families, which is equivalent to 144,000 individuals in all 12 governorates in Jordan.

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