Kingdom for Energy Investments Company (KEC) is one of the preeminent holding companies in Jordan, investing in energy generation and distribution companies and utilities. We are devoted to elevating the energy sector in Jordan and to influencing decision-makers to secure affordable, reliable, and low-carbon electricity for all customers across the kingdom. Our solid financial position is enabled by our shareholders, the energy investing arm of the Social Security Investment Fund, Daman for Energy Investment Company, and the Privatization Holding company of Kuwait (PHC).

Kingdom for Energy Investment Company Timeline


Establishment of KEC

KEC was established in 2007 following Jordan’s plans to privatise the electricity sector. With backing from local and regional holding companies, WE are well positioned to capitalise on the future of the Jordanian energy market. This strong financial foundation allows us the freedom and resource to maintain, acquire and improve energy generation and distribution projects across the kingdom.

Acquiring 100% of EDCO and 55.4 of IDECO

With a focus on electricity, we successfully acquired major stakes in two of the three distribution companies in Jordan after an extremely competitive tendering process in 2008 to privatise distribution companies. KEC acquired 100% of Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO) and 55.4% of Irbid District Electricity Company (IDECO). These two utilities cover 80% of the Kingdom’s geographical area in the North, East, and South and manage electricity distribution to almost 35% of its residents.

KEC shares in IDECO transferred to EDCO

KEC shares in Irbid District Electricity Company (IDECO) were transferred to Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO). Accordingly, KEC owns 100% of EDCO which in turn owns 55.4% of IDECO.

Investing in Telecommunication

In parallel with our contribution to the energy sector, we have invested in AL Mutarabita Al Asriya for Communications. We believe diversifying our revenue streams and seizing lucrative opportunities in Jordan is essential to the sustainability and long-term success of our company. With this diversification, we hope to bring the same passion we have for energy distribution into the telecommunication sector while still providing the same market-leading service to our customers.

Investing in Renewable Energy

Aligning our strategy with Jordan 2025 Vision, we have invested in four major Solar Photovoltaic projects in Mafraq and Ma’an Development Area with a total capacity of 50 MW. These are expected to provide 60,000 customers annually with clean and renewable electricity. This stems from our sense of responsibility to support disruptive and sustainable technologies and to help Jordan reach its goal of 10% of Renewable Energy contribution of the total energy mix by 2020.

Investing in Zarqa Power Plant

Along with investing in renewable energy, and as part of our expansion and recently developed an interest in investing in power generation, we invested in Al Zarqa Power Generation Plant. A new Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) is being installed within the existing Hussein Thermal Power Station (HTPS) which will drastically improve the generation efficiency of the plant.
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